The Luxottica group was held in 2016,the new preview.

On the day, the Luxottica group’s Ray-Ban glasses, worg glasses and many other glasses brand unveiling 2016 sunglasses and optical glasses trends.this season,not only in the color of the color and contour of the rich and varied,and to lead the industry with new product personality.


oakleys party series:
Full of modern sense of the shining gradient color lenses,new design language to re interpretation of the classic cheap style of rock.

oakleys outlet Round Evolution series:
The new flat crystal lens with elegant gradient flashing colors (including gray, light purple, light blue and yellow),the shiny gold metal frame add fashionable breath, classic die glasses legs,slim lines,let this enduring style presents a different kind of neutral charm.

oakley sunglasses series:
The sunglasses with irresistible lines,discount concise and smooth The irregular contour of ultrafine metal frame and lens echoes. Colorful lens color for a variety of options: including brown and charcoal gray as well as mirror blue,mirror pink and black.

2016 spring and summer Oakley sunglasses fashion trends report

Global glasses retail leader Oakley released 2016 winter glasses Trends Report,to provide consumers with the most comprehensive trends in the spring and summer glasses fashion guide and inventory.

oakley sunglasses

Oakley sunglasses outlet in a contemporary and liberal style, focus on technical details,re interpretation of elegance and fashion brand is 2016 spring and summer glasses new theme.The use of inspiration from the nostalgic style,exquisite detail design,fine selection of materials and charming shadow color,re interpretation of the popular cheap elements of the past.

80’s classic Oakley sunglasses,collocation feminine elongated circular design and wide frame,to inject a distinctive style,the season beyond fashion,become a real eternal legend.

Classic Oakley sunglasses also get re interpretation of this season,in the color,material and details of innovation.Create a new effect with a new tone,provides a higher comfort.

Different faces wear what style of sunglasses,the collocation of faces and sunglasses styles.

You know your face,suit to wear what style of sunglasses?

Summer is the most important accessories are sunglasses,sunglasses can block the practical efficacy of ultraviolet rays,but also can be used to modify their faces.How to make your face look smaller is the key to the selection of sunglasses,so the oakleys outlet can not be casually selected,must be based on their own face to pick.

First of all,we want to congratulate the oval face, because your face is a “universal” face,any style of discount oakley sunglasses can basically wear,pay attention to the size of the proportion of it.

Square face should use a narrow frame four angle is small round sunglasses,too large and too square frame will only make the face look more,color lenses to sedate Brown is preferred.In contrast with the round face,you need some rounded and streamlined frame to bring you extraordinary temperament and unruly.

Inverted triangle face, please try to avoid using a square frame,because it will appear the face width and narrow,thin rims,the circular frame, bright colors for the best. For the selection of lens color bright, relatively thin metal frames or rimless glasses,to reduce the weight of the above face, so as not to make already wide face even more to have the sense of expansion.

Here we provide a cheap picture for your reference,such oakley sunglasses outlet suit your face?
oakleys outlet

Glasses export freight forwarding need to accurately grasp the new market standards

In recent years the sun glasses export market is very good,europe and Australia and other countries related to sunglasses regulations are constantly order to better achieve export,glasses export freight forwarding is hard to study the regulatory rules of different countries,accurately grasp the new standard of the market.

Glasses exports to the European Union and Russia have different standards and certification, not every customs will check,and sometimes may be the customer’s own needs.

oakley sunglasses outlet The EU needs to meet the ISO EN 12312 standard; Australia needs to meet NZS 1067: AS/ 2003 and other standards.

Oakley sunglasses export declaration cheap elements: the name,purpose,type (color) and type.

Glasses export tax rebate effectively become enterprise “extra income”, not only to improve the profit level of the industry, but also for the industry to strengthen self construction, and gradually increase the level of scientific research in industry, the quality of the products, to enhance the international competitiveness of lay the foundation for for market share rate to provide protection. Make the industry into a virtuous cycle.

Mainly exported to the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom,Germany, France and other places, the Middle East, the climate is hot,the light is strong,Oakleys in the local also very popular.

Excellent quality fashion glasses, Oakley launched 2016 summer new series.

Oakley brand new series of glasses,the continuation of the classic image of the brand.The luxury elements and modern beauty,the perfect combination of.Discount oakley sunglasses committed to outstanding technology and advanced technology,to create an excellent quality fashion glasses.Whole new oakley sunglasses outlet modelling changeable,Unique details,and the use of brand logo as the main elements of the design.Successfully create,the long-awaited cheap series of glasses.

discount oakley sunglasses
The design inspiration for this woman’s series glasses comes from the Oakley classic leather series.Have full of feminine charm, a cat shaped frame.The frame top print brand logo.Together with frame at the bottom of the color, the perfect fusion.For women to create a unique cheap fashion glasses.Oakley sunglasses sale series have black, ivory white, golden yellow, orange, yellow, black.

It is fashion insider,an indispensable ornament.

2016 Oakley launched new sunglasses

I always want more fun,more sunshine…
and always want more cheap looks
2016 Oakley heavy launch Oakley sunglasses,it may be the most fun sunglasses you’ve ever seen,3 styles,210 different shapes(30 styles collocation 7 different mirror arm),it is a good helper to change your fashion styling.
oakley sunglasses
To tie in with the release of this new series of products,Oakley also launched the “Oakleys” advertising.Advertising continues the Oakley style,hold vigor and the charm of a smile,perfectly exerted.
I love Oakleys outlet

Lady,Retro Oakley Sunglasses.

Retro oakley sunglasses

Hot weather,before people go out,Oakley glasses have become essential accessories.Oakley Sunglasses outlet,are very popular.

Retro reflective sunglasses,color lenses,frame round,retro flavor,wearing a very temperament.The black metal frame sunglasses,extremely eye-catching,white mercury lens especially cool.

Shading concave shape of retro big frame sunglasses,Very fashionable western style style.The reflective lens,very cheap refined.

Oakley Sunglasses exquisite detail, highlight the noble.

This Oakley sunglasses just listed,won the fashion actress and supermodel who chase after hold in both hands,whether you are attending formal occasions, or shopping and sightseeing,let you stand out in the crowd,become the focus of the crowd!Even simple with a white shirt,T-shirt can make you appear to be full of tide!

Oakley Sunglasses

Wear this a Oakley sunglasses,immediately highlights the different cheap style of fashion,closer to you,really super beautiful oh!Make you happy to spend the hot summer.The design of gradient color is really addictive!Show girls playful cute side!

Oakley Sunglasses summer individuality fashion jewelry

Oakley Mark Tour de France Cavendish signature Sunglasses

Oakley Mark Cavendish
Using this signature models lens is green coating, equipped with switchlock rapid replacement lens technology, you can quickly change the lens according to the actual environment, the product a pair of lenses G40 lenses has HDO high definition optics technology, and 100% isolation ultraviolet and 400 nm harmful blue light, and help the athletes to play in the game in normal. Mark name with a laser engraved on the lens angle, as a symbol of the signature. This signature models and a customized glasses bag, the mirror bag as glasses cloth to use, glasses bag has a compartment can be stored on a pair of lenses. In the initial sale, also comes with a special size adjustable hat, silver Mark signature printed hat.

Oakley launched (Heritage) Sunglasses series, to celebrate the 30 anniversary of the establishment of the brand


To celebrate the 30 anniversary of the birth of Oakley (Performance) (Heritage) series glasses, sunglasses with engraved classic style (Oakley), to pay tribute to the reform process of glasses. (Oakley) Heritage Sunglasses series include (Eyeshades) and (razor blades and Frogskins three styles, lenses and frames provide a variety of colors to choose from. Each pair of glasses is a custom Microclear bag distribution. (Oakley) in the 30 birthday of open underground room design, exhibition brand launched the most three classic glasses. In order to allow athletes to enjoy the convenience of modern technology to bring the same time, to respect the traditional sports, (Oakley) Heritage Sunglasses series also includes (Editions Custom). Designer with fringe pattern emphasizes the of each section of the glasses frame at the top; to commemorate 30 years of brand to change course, the digital “30” is etched into the lens of the corner.